Parent Testimonials from the Berkeley Parents Network

I'm a LeConte dad of a child in the immersion program. I love this school. Our principal, Cheryl Wilson, is in her third year and brings energy and love every day. She knows every child by name; every child is recognized on her birthday and on several other occasions throughout the year. Cheryl's energy is infectious and you can see the teachers and staff reflect that. The programs are numerous and well executed. Cooking and Farm and Garden are famous favorites of the children. Call the school, 644-6290, to arrange a tour if you have time. If you choose LeConte, you child will be happy, educated and loved.

LeConte Dad


My son is in kindergarten at LeConte. We have been very happy. His teacher is great and does a good job of teaching each of the kids according to their level while working in all the little things that make for a diverse learning experience. The principal is very invested in the school and is doing a good job at building a sense of community. I like that the school is small (around 300 students) because we can both get to know everyone and make a significant impact in the time we have to give. Of course, there are all the other positives like a great Farm & Garden program, a strong dual immersion program, cooking class every other week, a grass soccer field, a diverse student population, great afterschool programs, and more! Try it and you'll like it!

LeConte Parent


My daughter is a kindergartener in the two-way immersion program and we have been very pleased with our experience so far. A few unique features of LeConte include the Farm and Garden, the two-way immersion Spanish and the full-inclusion programs. The principal, Cheryl Wilson, is fantastic and I'm sure among the best in the district (which is more important than I realized as an incoming kindergarten parent). Her enthusiastic leadership and modeling of sincere support and respect towards ALL the children and their families (she is fluent in Spanish) permeates the school atmosphere. My daughter has seen older kids from LeConte outside of school and has always been greeted warmly by them which I believe reflects the sense of community and respect the students feel towards eachother. This support extends beyond the early grade students to the upper grades and faculty. This year the 4th and 5th grade teachers initiated a new program to teach all upper level students (Immersion and English-only) collectively with a tightly coordinated curriculum. So far, the teachers report great gains in all (not just immersion) studentsí work and the students/families love it. The recent test scores are admittedly lower than some others in the district, but I truly believe the supportive and positive environment at LeConte right now bodes well for future endeavors and results. I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Happy LeConte parent


We are now in our fourth year at LeConte and have found the school an excellent educational experience for our son, as well as very responsive to our needs. The principal, Cheryl Wilson, has devoted her life to helping children of all backgrounds. I have never seen anyone work harder than Cheryl. She has excellent rapport with the teachers, which has in turn motivated them to perform at their highest. In addition to Cheryl's efforts, many teachers have secured grants and other resources to benefit their classes. An example of this is be a teacher-led proposal which resulted in a class-size reduction for the upper grades. Next year all 6 grades will have no more than 20 students. Funds have also been secured for facility improvements. Our farm and garden is one of the oldest and best developed in the District. I could go on and on. Let me just say I urge you to give LeConte a serious look and would be glad to answer any additional questions via email. Thanks!

Laurie Doyle


We're a new kindergarten family and have been so happy with our experience at Le Conte. Our son is in the bilingual program and is thriving beyond our expectations. Le Conte has a tight cadre of parents who are very involved, a principal who can only be described as a superstar, and a myriad of school activities and programs that make the school so special--farm and garden, cooking, the Latino Heritage celebration, author readings, Sports 4 Kids, concerts, and more--including wonderful after-school PTA-sponsored classes (music, art, circus arts, yoga, performing arts...).

The school just received a renovation grant, so the facilities will soon be spiffed up. Above all, I feel like the environment at Le Conte is so friendly and welcoming--there is always so much activity in the school, parents in and out of the classrooms, happy students learning, etc., that it feels like a family. Our son seems to know everyone's name, K-5!

Overjoyed at Le Conte!


I have three children at LeConte (5th, 3rd and K) and I really love the school. Principal Cheryl Wilson has a personal and loving relationship with each of my children, which is far more than anyone could ever expect from any principal. The LeConte staff is connected to the kids, from the secretary, librarian, PE coaches, chefs, farmers, afterschool staff (which is especially amazing) to of course, the classroom teachers. I also teach graduates of LeConte at a BUSD middle school, and have noted among them a special sense of community and love of and excitement for learning. LeConte school has been a great place for my kids to feel valued and cared for while they learn academic skills they need.