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Contribute to the One More Month Campaign!

El nuevo año escolar trae grandes promesas para todos nuestros niños, especialmente si nos juntamos para apoyar a LeConte.  Necesitamos superar las dificultades de las reducciones en el presupuesto que amenaza gravemente LeConte (y todos las escuelas de nuestro estado).  ¿Qué se puede hacer como individuo? Apuntarse en la PTA, ser voluntario/a en el aula, en lo eventos y días de limpieza, donar su tiempo o talentos, más: CONTRIBUIR A “LA CAMPAÑA UN MES MÁS”

The new school year holds great promise for all our kids, especially if we come together to support LeConte.  We need to meet the challenges of the terrible budget cuts which seriously threaten LeConte (and all public schools) in our state. What can you do as an individual?  Join the PTA, volunteer in the classroom, at events and clean-up days, donate your time or special skills, plus: CONTRIBUTE TO THE “ONE MORE MONTH CAMPAIGN”

Save our K After-School Spanish! Reduced fee!

We need more kids enrolled to keep our two fabulous Lango Spanish classes going! Class fee has been reduced to $275, for weekly classes through the end of January. If at least 8 students enroll in a class, fees for that class will be reduced to $220; if ten enroll, fees will be $207. K class is held Tuesdays 1:25-2:10, 1st-3rd grade class is Tuesdays 2:15-3:00. Talk to your friends! Contact Jessica today at jfied@earthlink.net, 540-7818.

Key Dates

For more, please see LeConte's calendar.

The Best Teacher? You. Get Involved

Reading or speaking to your child — even 20 minutes a day — can improve academic skills and raise IQ scores.

Studies have shown that parents who volunteer at their child's school are more likely to have successful kids.

Research has found that parents partnering with teachers — helping with homework and attending parent-teacher conferences — leads to better prepared students.

Take GreatSchools' Great Parents Pledge.

Volunteer at LeConte

LeConte in the News

A Drought-Resistant Garden at LeConte

When LeConte Elementary School students come back to school Sept. 2, they will have a brand new garden—one that is drought resistant, saves water and attracts plenty of butterflies.

Last fall, a group of LeConte parents got together to redesign the school’s front yard. Help arrived in the form of volunteers, a large number of donated materials, a $2,500 donation from the LeConte Parent Teacher Association—and a $5,000 grant from the home improvement chain Lowe’s.

Check out the coverage in the Berkeley Daily Planet

By Check...
Send a check to:
LeConte Elementary
Att. Jiyun Lee
2241 Russell St.
Berkeley, California 94705

LeConte Library

Our school library have webpages that link to both the print and the electronic resources available at the BUSD School Libraries site.

Buy Berkeley Bowl Scrip

Find our Scrip representative Gloria Park. Scrip is free money for our school doing what you already do...shopping at the Berkeley Bowl.

Click here for more info.

Connect on the Web

Join the LeConte Discussion + News listserv. New this year! We are introducing a school discussion listserv for everyone who would like a deeper connection with other LeConte parents via email, including parent-to-parent recommendations, advice, etc. This discussion group will automatically receive the school news info, so you only need to sign up for one listserve - school news OR discussion plus school news.

Join the LeConte School News Listserv to keep you informed of school events and everything that is in the Lamppost, our school newsletter.

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You must re-register your Safeway cards and credit cards with E-scrip every year. Free money for our school. Visit www.escrip.com and register your name under Leconte Elementary School. Tell your friends and family to do the same!

Online Payment Center

Pay for your child's cafeteria meals at www.mySchoolBucks.com.